Among the several tools offered by Instagram, stories are the widely used and sought-after elements to reach the target audience. Stories have been used more innovatively and interestingly by influencers and business brands as they are short, catchy, and fascinating. Instagrammers are captivated by the idea behind the stories and they find short informative stories worth the time. More Instagram impressions can be created while using stories. It is a rare phenomenon where people read the entire content behind the post. Leveraging Instagram stories for growth is vital to lay a foundation for your brand or business. 

If you are a business owner or an influencer looking for ideas to leverage Instagram stories for maximum growth potential, this article is for you. Scroll through to know everything about it. 

9 C’s for Leveraging Instagram Stories 

  1. Creativity 

With millions of people already on the platform and thousands of people entering the race each day, it is vital to be creative and unique. Stories can be made in a unique way that will have the potential to reach the masses. Story trends can be observed and they can be reframed and restructured by adding a creative element to them. 

  1. Consistency 

Being on the minds of Instagrammers is the key to maximizing growth potential. Keep a frequency of posting stories on Instagram. Get the post ready beforehand to avoid running out of stories. In case you are unable to maintain the frequency of posting photos or videos in the feed, ensure to post stories on the platform at regular intervals. 

  1. Choose Hashtags For Stories 

Hashtags are the tool that will help the audience to discover your presence. Use the right hashtags for stories to enhance your reach. Hashtags are the key element that will easily allow people to locate you among the vast majority of people. Use the relevant hashtags on stories so that your audience will get the urge to know more about your business. 

  1. Create Engaging Content

Content that is being posted on stories should be engaging. The audience must be able to connect with the content and they should be able to move forward. It must drive the audience to your Instagram handle and interact with you. This will be made possible through posting engaging content on the stories. Various elements such as audio, stickers, filters, and text can be used to engage the audience. Engaging content will also earn you higher Instagram TV views

  1. Conduct Polls 

You can use stories as a platform to conduct polls and quizzes. This will keep the audience engaged. Polls will also help you understand the expectations of the audience and will guide you through creating successful content. Questions such as preferability of content and frequency of content can be taken as the heads for polls. 

  1. Countdowns

Countdowns can be used as a tool to keep the audience with expectations. People are usually attracted to the countdown and will look up to posts at the end of the countdown hour. This will pave way for more engagement with your profile. When countdowns are used as a trick in stories, there are chances for more people to view and pass the information to their circle. A countdown can be used for posting a piece of news, launching a product, or going for interesting live sessions. 

  1. Collaboration 

Collaborations can be posted in stories. You can tag your collaborators and ask your audience to engage and respond the same. There are higher chances of visibility when the news and proceedings of collaborations are posted in stories. A new level of the audience can be reached via collaboration. 

  1. Connect Links

Links to the business page or the influencer’s page can be put in the stories. When you post a story relating to a product of your brand or a post of yours, ensure to attach a link to the same. Links will direct people to end up in your Instagram account easily. Also, they will not feel the hardship to search for the product or the post. 

  1. Conduct a Contest 

You can run a contest and post information about it on your stories. The audience is attracted to contests. Posting them in stories will increase the engagement rate. More people will participate in the contest and in turn it will be easy for you to achieve your mission. 


Using stories as an element to growing your Instagram is an intelligent idea as stories have more potential and also can reach a wider audience. Following the right strategy will assist you in making the most of it. The above-mentioned tricks will help you to make a better utilization of the stories and maximize your Instagram growth potential.